• Top 10 Things I Learned From Social Media Marketing World

    Top 10 Things I Learned From Social Media Marketing World

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    30 Days to Social Media Satisfaction

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    Social Media Training

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Are You Social Media Satisfied?

Is your social media out of shape? Do you feel like you spend hours on it without ever getting the results you seek? Do you dump thousands of dollars into it with no profitable ROI? You are not alone.

Only 5% of companies are satisfied with their social media campaigns (based on a 2012 survey of more than 2,700 social media professionals conducted by Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions.)

Of those respondents in the survey, many said they just don’t have time for social media. 38% of marketers spend 1-5 hours weekly on social media, 26% spend 6-10 hours and 15% spend more than 20 hours each week on social media. Despite this, only 5% said they were satisfied with their social media campaigns.

So what gives?

Isn’t social media supposed to be easy?

There are so many different social networking sites, marketing methods, rules to remember and procedures to follow that it can feel like taking on a second job. But it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

What is one reason so many brands struggle with their social media? They don’t have the right goals and they don’t have a plan. Too often people chase their tails, following after some one number or statistic or another, none of them really meaning anything. They're worried about who has the most Facebook fans or the highest Klout score. They're tracking metrics that don't matter.

Why? Usually because some "expert" told them to.

Easy Social Media

What if I told you that you could manage your social media in as little as 30-60 minutes per day and still be successful?

Just like great bodies don’t form overnight, social media success takes time and commitment. But it's only a fraction of your business life. It doesn't have to be your entire life. By doing a little each day you can reach your goals and then switch over to maintenance mode.

I will be your personal social media fitness coach
Here at Social Media Satisfied, I will be your personal social media fitness coach, teaching you to treat your social media goals like your health and wellness goals, achieving success one day at a time.

So join me for daily WODs (blog workouts of the day), monthly social media boot camp sessions or personal training (one-on-one consultations) and let's get social media fit!

Flex your Facebook, pump up your Pinterest, turn on your Twitter and gear up your Google Plus- it’s time to get social media satisfied!

People I Have Helped

Lisa Mason and I have traveled in the same online circles for several years, both personal and professional. She’s known for providing the best service possible, whether it be assisting with social media startup, ongoing management, or offering sound advice. My go-to gal for anything related to social media, Lisa is currently holding my hand as I get ready to embark on my own journey into the world of social media management.

Lisa Mason is one of the best when it comes to connecting with people and networking. Her presence is everywhere online, and she stays up with the latest in all aspects of social media and content marketing better than anyone else I know. Whereas some social media managers are well versed in only a couple of platforms, Lisa truly masters them all. I’d recommend her for both social media management and consulting, if you prefer to do it yourself but want someone who knows what they’re doing to guide you along the path to being “social media satisfied.

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