How To Create A Perfect Tweet [Infographic]

Do you wonder how to create a great Tweet that will gain attention of your followers, get retweeted and get replies? Before your Tweet, take some time to plan it out with the tips like you will find here in this infographic. Sometimes the simplest and most basic tips and tricks are just what you need to know how to do it right. Here’s a simple but useful graphic to help you plan your tweets. 

How To Create A Perfect Tweet

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6 thoughts on “How To Create A Perfect Tweet [Infographic]

  • Hi Lisa,

    Nice infographic! I like the part about slang. At times it is really hard to avoid slang (old habit die hard).

    For example, I live in a country that has 3 main languages and close to a dozen other languages. That makes writing and all those communication harder and more challenging :)

    Nonetheless, lovely infographic (again) and thanks for sharing!

  • nicregi Thank you! And that’s a very good point you bring up. Even here in the US, different states have different dialects and sayings. What languages do you speak?

  • Great infographic Lisa!   I struggle a lot with the tweets we produce, especially with the tradeoff between using @socialears vs. #socialears.  We focus on the Social Media Analytics space, but #socialmediaanalytics just seems to be too long to take hold.  Any advice?

  • Lisa,
    Very good infographic.  I never really knew about leaving 20 characters of space for a possible retweet comment.  Learn something new today.  Thanks!

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