How to Engage Your Followers on Social Media

social treeEngaging your followers and friends on social media is one of the most important skills you can learn about social media marketing. Far too often I see bloggers just spamming their links all over social media and then asking “Why isn’t anyone following me/talking to me/ reading my blog?” 

These people are missing the SOCIAL in social media. They’re missing the engagement and interaction. Here are some ways to engage your followers:


Social media is not a billboard for broadcasting your blog posts, but a platform for building a blog community. While you may know this, it’s just not as simple as it sounds when it comes to making it happen. So let’s break it down for a bit and discuss each point in more detail. 

Listen- It’s important that you listen to what your readers are saying. This is not a one-sided platform. You need to read and take note of the things your readers have to say. You can then apply this to what you post and share on your page. 

Share- Speaking of sharing, it’s important that you share content that your readers will benefit from. You need to provide them with quality information. You need to share things your readers will appreciate. 

Be honest- It’s important to be honest. When you break this honesty, social media will not soon let you forget it. They will hold it against you and your brand will be tarnished. It is far better to be honest, even if you make a mistake, than to face the consequences of being caught in a lie. 

Ask questions- To get your audience engaged, ask questions. Invite them to make comments and posts to your page. Allow them the chance to share their opinions and ideas. Asking questions is an important part of building engagement to your social media accounts. 

Be real- Remember to be yourself. Be who you are and let this shine through your social profiles. People can and will recognize if you are unique and true to yourself. 

With these tips in mind, you can engage your followers on social media. 

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