Social Media is Not Your Private Venting Ground

While Facebook and other social media networks are a great place to share your thoughts and opinions, some people do take this too far. Just how much is “too far” will depend on who you ask but all in all, most people agree that they don’t want to see constant complaining and venting updates. 

We all have that friend- the one who is constantly complaining on their Facebook or other social media profile. The one who you see consistently in your feed ranting about this or that, often getting into fights with people they think challenge their beliefs or anyone who dares point out the fact that they’re bumming others out with their constant complaining. 

We All Do It But Know When to Stop

In my opinion, as someone who works in social media, it’s acceptable for someone to vent from time to time. There’s certainly nothing wrong with sharing your opinions here and there or sharing a bad experience so others know about it. There’s no harm in having an opinion and sharing it on your social media accounts. Your personal accounts are just that- your accounts. But keep in mind before you post that next rant that if you’re overdoing it, people are going to run from your posts and probably defriend/unfollow/block you. If you like anti-social media, then you might not have a problem with this. But if you’re looking to be sociable, you don’t need to use your social media platforms as a constant venting ground. 

The key is knowing when to stop. Think before you post and if it seems like all you do is post negative after negative status update, then it might be time to rethink the mood you are creating in your social experience. No one expects you to be all sunshine and roses all the time but a constant negative person is not going to attract positivity. 

Do you ever get annoyed at people who vent too much on social media?

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